Want to throw the ultimate #SuperBowl party?

So you want to throw the most memorable Super Bowl Game party that your friends will be talking about until … well, next year? Here’s a few things you can do to score a touchdown of your own this season.

PLAN YOUR GUEST LIST Your number one to-do for the big game is be prepared. Plan your guest list before sending out any invites. Build your list according to how many people you can comfortably fit in your home or specified venue. Think about who will need a spot to sit and watch the entire game in comfort and who will be up moving and mingling with friends. An extra rule-of-thumb: be sure that everyone can see a TV!

CLEAN UP, STOCK UP, SET UP The week before the party give yourself plenty of time to do a deep clean. Vacuum, dust, windex, get rid of all of the dog hair… you know what to do. Once your home is squared away and there’s room for supplies, it will be time to stock up with groceries, party supplies, ingredients for the best game day dishes and cocktails (keep reading!), and don’t forget to make sure you have plenty of ice prepped. Now that you’re stocked and can breathe in the scent of a fresh, clean home, it’s time to get to the fun part – setting up. Decorations will be an asset to your party – so let your creative flag fly. Not sure where to start? Try these simple, yet innovative decorations that you can create yourself with just a few materials.

Astroturf coasters – cut out squares or circle coasters from a sheet of astroturf. Using a white paint pen, draw a few lines that you would see on the field or get creative with football-related quotes.

Penalty flag napkins and holder – Stamp a square on contact paper to a steel or tin bucket and label it “penalty flag.” Simply fill the bucket with yellow napkins aka penalty flags. Guests can hand out penalties to anyone who makes a mess.

Football field table runner – Instead of a solid colored tablecloth to display your cocktails, beer, and soda, design a table runner to look like a football field using chalkboard contact paper. Invite your guests to grab a piece of chalk and share their winning strategies.

Concession stand – Create a banner to hang over the entree or snack table that reads “Concessions,” using a line or two of yarn and clothespins, hang a few different snack bags or candy bags beneath your sign and display the rest of your snacks on various shelves or boxes on the table. Just like you would see in a concession stand window.

BRING THE HEAT WITH FOOD AND DRINK We know your party is going to be epic, but this is where your party becomes a legend that all of your friends look forward to each year. If you’re not sure what to serve or are pressed for time, we’ve gathered a couple easy crowd pleasers that are guaranteed to score you a touchdown with your friend’s tastebuds.

~Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring~ Simply combine cream cheese, hot sauce, and ranch dressing until well mixed, then add in shredded chicken and cheddar or blue cheese and mix well. Next, lay the base of each crescent roll in a ring shape on a greased cookie sheet or baking pan. Place the filling in the ring shape around the base of the Crescent Rolls and fold over each point so that they tuck under the ring. Bake at 375 degrees for just 20-25 minutes or until everything is golden brown. Serve Warm!

~Baked French Dip Sliders~ Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9 x 13 baking dish. Without separating the rolls, slice a package of hawaiian sweet rolls in half. Place the bottom half of the rolls in the baking dish. Top with the 6 slices of the provolone cheese, roast beef, french fried onions, another 6 slices of cheese, and the other half of the rolls. In a small bowl, melt the butter and mix in 1 tablespoon of au jus seasoning mix, Worcestershire sauce, sesame seeds, dried minced garlic, onion powder, and seasoned salt. Whisk until well combined. Top the rolls evenly with this mixture and bake the sliders uncovered until the cheese is gooey and the tops of the rolls are golden brown, 15-20 minutes. While the sliders are baking, take the remaining au jus mixture and place in a small saucepan over medium heat. Add 2 cups cold water and whisk. Bring to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer to allow it to slightly thicken, serve the sauce and sandwiches at your football concession stand.

ENJOY Is there anything else to say? You did it. Now, go bask in your glory as the ultimate party host! (send me an invite!)